Your selection of tools is just as important as the selection of your tractor and at Mahindra, we have all the implements you need for your tractor to help you get your work done.


  • Efficiently increase soil aeration and improve overall plant health 
  • Available in a four, five or six-foot width and 6.5 or 7.5-foot depth
  • Features a hefty frame, thick gauge shrouds, overbuilt gear boxes, slip clutches, robust flanges, side-gear drive and tough blades


  • Compatible with subcompact, compact and utility tractors with 25-65 PTO HP 
  • Featuring steel-cutting edges, two-inch diameter output shaft, shear-bolt protection and heavy-duty gearbox
  • Available six, nine and 12-inch widths

Snow Pushes

  • Capture and remove the heaviest snow without leaving windrows or spillover
  • The steel-cutting edge is designed for clearing snow on concrete and asphalt
  • Add-ons include marker kits, pull back kits for increased visibility and back dragging snow

Box Scrapers

  • Come in handy for leveling, grading, backfilling materials, digging and more
  • Available in from four to six-feet wide standard-duty models, or five to eight-feet wide heavy-duty configurations
  • Include reversible and replaceable front and rear curved blades

Rear Blades

  • Ideal for grading landscapes, cleaning up worksites, improving roads and removing snow.
  • All have heavy-duty frames, 360-degree pivoting steel moldboards, reversible cutting blades.
  • Available in nine configurations

Snow Blowers

  • Chop and disperse snow and ice while gliding over various terrains
  • Features 10 and 12-gauge housing with a double-walled base and reversible blades to protect against damage
  • Available in 48 and 66-inch models including a two-inch timing belt to minimize noise and eliminate vibration

Rotary Cutters

  • Range from standard to heavy duty 
  • Great for mowing tall grass, clearing overgrown brush or cutting trees 1.5-3 inches in diameter
  • Come with a full-welded steel deck, shear bolt or slip clutches, and tough gearboxes


  • Evenly distribute fertilizer, grass seed and small grain seed
  • Available in two size configurations with 440 or 1020 lb. load capacities
  • The pull-type model tows with a tractor, ATV, or UTV

Finish Mowers

  • Great for business, estates, farms, and more
  • Our mowers transform high grass into a well-groomed and professional lawn. 
  • Available in four to seven-feet cutting widths and includes adjustable tires with 360-degree rotation

Disc Harrow

  • Budget-friendly and engineered to get your primary tilling done. 
  • Available in five different configurations including 16, 18 or 20 replaceable discs; and 66, 78, or 90-inch width. 
  • Equipped with hardened, notched discs and rigid frames

Landscape Rakes

  • Featuring overbuilt rakes, heavy gauge frames and 5/16- or one-inch-thick tempered tines 
  • Ideal for displacing rocks, grading driveways, spreading mulch, removing debris, and more
  • 360-degree positioning controls debris purge flow to a single side when pushing or pulling the rake


  • Save time and protect your back by eliminating the need to remove or replace connector pins with our 3-point hitch
  • Quick-release levers lock around your tractor’s pre-installed bushings in just a few seconds
  • A must-have for your subcompact, compact, and utility tractors up to 140 HP

Snow Blades

  • Features a 5-degree float and tilt function to maintain ground contour contact
  • Equipped with a trip spring protection system to help prevent damage
  • Manual-adjustments blades come with 5 locking left and right positions from 0-25-degrees

Front-Mounted Rotary Brooms

  • Stay seated while hydraulically adjusting the brush down force pressure or angling the broom
  • Easily switch to blower or blade using the interchangeable mounting frame
  • Available for our compact utility and compact tractors